Accelerating corporates to Net Zero by 2030

A decade to halve emissions.
A program to help.

Zerocubator is a 10 year program to accelerate corporates to Net Zero by 2030.

The program features multiple 6-wk accelerators every year, tackling the most pressing carbon emission issues in turn.

How we will accelerate your Net Zero transition

Week 1


Understand the hard truths about the problem space. Get expert encouragement on how to tackle it.


  • Problem immersion
  • Exposure to latest from climate experts, startups, researchers

Week 2

One Big Idea

Time to find a creative, game changing idea to tackle the problem.


  • Decide on One Big Idea that group will work on for the next 4 weeks

Week 3-5

Design Sprints

Bring the idea to life and test critical assumptions.


  • Create a business case for the idea

Week 6

Demo Day

Showcase the idea to get internal buy-in for the “next step”.


  • Get internal buy in for pilot or next step
  • Share experiences
  • “Pat yourself on the back” time


profits to climate justice

As part of Ninety, a social enterprise, 90% of distributable profits from Zerocubator go to climate justice initiatives. 10% as a profit share to the team.

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